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It took a bit longer than I wanted but I have updated cafepress with my calendars.  There are 4 calendars to choose from that cover two different “designs”.  The first design covers my 12 favoriter mathtoons (one for each month).  There are 2 different sizes – Oversized (17 x 11) and Wall Calendar (11 x 8.5).  The second design covers the 12 newest mathtoons in case you purchased the previous calendar.  The same sizes apply – Oversized and Wall Calendar.

I really want to get the word out on these calendars as I have received incredibly positive feedback from those who have purchased in the past.  If you know of anyone who would enjoy the math humor, please pass along.  Thanks!


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I want to make sure everyone knows that all the drawings can be seen at Mathtoons and at Cafepress

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I am working on completing my shop at cafepress <a href=”http://www.cafepress.com/NotSoHumblePi“>.  There will be one with all the new drawings and then one that is a compilation of my favorite drawings.  The calendar is a great way to showcase 12 drawings.  I hope to have this done by Monday, November 9.

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