I know Pi Day is close and I am getting lots of traffic.  The key to this website are all the math cartoons I have created.  I think you will really enjoy them.  And please, share with as many mathhuggers as possible.  4 more days till Pi Day.


Every year I use Pi Day as the day to make New Year’s resolutions.  It is much better than Jan 1.  I also take the time to send personal cards to all my friends.  The Christmas Holiday has lots of cards from lots of friends but everyone remembers the Pi Day cards.  Check out these designs for Pi Day cards.  Also don’t forget the cool poster prints.  And click here to see all the mathtoons or just go to the top page and click the More Mathtoons tab!

This is how Pi Day should be celebrated

Randall Patrick Munroe – curious how this check worked out for you


Et tu Pi Day?

I am preparing for Pi Day and was working on a mathtoon idea.  How about this –

  • The scene is from early Roman times with several people in togas clearly having a big party
  • Pi is talking to Julius Caesar
  • Pi says “I’d watch out tomorrow Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus was very upset about not being invited to the party and he blames you!”

Any thoughts on how to improve?

Great explanation of the June 1, 2008 crop circle and how it represents Pi.  Just amazing

It took a bit longer than I wanted but I have updated cafepress with my calendars.  There are 4 calendars to choose from that cover two different “designs”.  The first design covers my 12 favoriter mathtoons (one for each month).  There are 2 different sizes – Oversized (17 x 11) and Wall Calendar (11 x 8.5).  The second design covers the 12 newest mathtoons in case you purchased the previous calendar.  The same sizes apply – Oversized and Wall Calendar.

I really want to get the word out on these calendars as I have received incredibly positive feedback from those who have purchased in the past.  If you know of anyone who would enjoy the math humor, please pass along.  Thanks!

I want to make sure everyone knows that all the drawings can be seen at Mathtoons and at Cafepress